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Fixxon Consult

Globalizing Education with Excellence

About Our Agency 

Fixxon Consult in Accra, Ghana is an International Student Exchange and Education Agency that seeks partnership with accredited universities in the United States and Canada to provide student services in identifying, scrutinizing and offering specifically designed programs that traditional Universities do not offer. Seeks partnership with accredited universities and community colleges in the United State and Canada. Our job is to carefully select eligible and professional International students for the intended purpose of the educational programs applied for.

Meet the Management Team

Ms. Joslin Fixon-Owoo, CEO

Ms. Fixon-Owoo holds a Master Degree in Accounting from Clark University in Massachusetts and has worked in International Education and Accountancy in Ghana over a period of 10 years. She eventually relocated to the United States.

She is well versed in international student relations and exchange programs with many universities in the United States.

Mrs. Mary Adu-Gyamfi, Director of Students Relations

Mrs. Mary Adu-Gyamfi is an educationist that has taught across the United States and overseas for more than 20 years. She runs the day-to-day activities by identifying the right students and liaising with them to choose the right schools and discipline that spells their career aspiration.

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